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The spindle and suspension are entirely produced from stainless steel. The pool covers can operate by an external motor or by a motor in the reel.

Bespoke OASE pool covers can be placed on every type of swimming pool; from new build pools such as concrete and polystyrene to one-piece pools such as polypropylene and polyester right through to package pools such as wood and metal construction.

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Read below why Oase Pool Covers is the best choice:

Economisch More Economical

Spend significantly less on heating, water, chemicals and maintenance.

Return on investment assured!

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Meer veiligheid Improving Safety

All precautions have been taken to offer you a system that enhances safety and is easy to use.

Your investment will be recovered within the shortest time!

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Meer comfort More Convenient

All Oase swimming pool covers operate fully automatically for the added benefit of our customers.

In a nutshell: A real luxury!

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Below Groundsystems

At the start of the construction of the swimming pool, different types of below ground systems can be chosen. On the following pages, you will find the different solutions that can be offered by OASE automatic pool covers. For every cover system, a covering of the cover pit can be provided.


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Above GroundSystems

It’s not always possible to install a cover in an existing swimming pool. If that is the case, then an above ground cover offers you an alternative solution. The advantages of these systems are the optimal use of the length of the swimming pool and eliminates the requirement for complex adjustments to the structure of the pool. The roller system can be delivered with two side panels or with a above ground bench made in wood or PVC. For easy access and maintenance of the cover, all panels of the bench are removable.

These above ground systems are powered by a low voltage motor or they can run on solar power.


The above colours are displayed printing technology, and may be different from the actual colours.


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