Why the ANTI-ALGAE solar polycarbonate slats (OASE DELUXE)?


Why Anti Algae

This revolutionary OASE DELUXE anti-algae polycarbonate solar slat boasts a hinge that prevents the formation of algae in the hinge.
This consists in the fact that the top of the hinge is made ​​black, so that no light can fall on to the hinge of the other profile.
Algae growth happens only with light and heat and, if  one of these two elements is eliminated, you prevent the formation of algae.

With traditional PVC or polycarbonate solar slats algae can grow easily in the hinge of the profiles. To grow, algae need light and heat.

With the OASE DELUXE anti-algae slats, you have no light in the hinge.

The black top of the joint prevents that light would fall on the hinge. Since there is no light in the hinge , algae cannot grow .


Why Anti Algae

The OASE DELUXE anti-algae slats have an efficiency that is about 25 % higher than the OASE CLASSIC slats.
As you can see on the drawings, the OASE DELUXE anti-algae slats insulates and warms up the pool about 25 % more than the OASE CLASSIC slats.
This aspect also explains the great success of our OASE DELUXE anti-algae slats.


Why Anti Algae

The hinge of the OASE anti-algae slats bends only in one direction. Does the child or a pet fall onto the cover , than – because of the shape of the hinge – the profile cannot collapse much more than on the drawing.

This naturally increases the capacity of the profile and provides much more protection against drowning.

The OASE DELUXE anti-algae slats can be supplied in a thickness of 16 mm to 83 mm and width. These slats offer – thanks to their size – much more capacity than the OASE CLASSIC slats which are 14 mm thick and 60 mm wide.

Besides, you have in the OASE DELUXE anti-algae slat four chambers filled with air. In the OASE CLASSIC slat  you have fewer chambers filled with air and this also reduces seriously the carrying capacity of the profile.