Oase Products

OASE is very proud to confirm that its entire production process of OASE automatic pool covers, from design and development through to production and dispatch, is situated within Belgium.

Our products are carefully constructed from only the finest quality materials. The spindle and suspension are entirely produced from stainless steel. The pool covers can operate by an external motor or by a motor in the reel.

Bespoke OASE pool covers can be placed on every type of swimming pool; from new build pools such as concrete and polystyrene to one-piece pools such as polypropylene and polyester right through to package pools such as wood and metal construction.

OASE cover all eventualities by offering both below and above ground systems.

Below Ground Systems

At the start of the construction of the swimming pool, different types of below ground systems can be chosen. On the following pages, you will find the different solutions that can be offered by OASE automatic pool covers. For every cover system, a covering of the cover pit can be provided.

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Above Ground Systems

It is not always possible to install a below ground cover system on an existing swimming pool. The solutions are then above ground systems. The advantages of these systems are the optimal use of the operational length of the swimming pool and no need for complex adjustments to the structure of the swimming pool.

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