• PCTR = polycarbonate in tri-extrusion (III+): additional UV protective layer
  • 63 mm (for replacement slats)
  • High UV and hail resistant
  • Anti-algae safety hinge
  • Very well adapted for mediterranean countries and is the best choice against hailstorms


OASE TOP-UV – PCTR/630/colour nr

63 mm x 15 mm – With safety hinge


The anti-algae slat is now available in 63 mm (for replacement slats):

OASE TOP-UV – PCTR/630/colour nr/34    (solar/anti-algae)

63 mm x 15 mm – With anti-algae safety hinge

OASE PRESTIGE – PCTR/667/S004/34    (solar/anti-algae/III+)

66,7 mm x 16,2 mm

Standard colours

  • VIVED AQUA (00)
  • CRISTAL CLEAR (00++)
  • BLUE SKY (B002)

Other colours by request: SUNGLOW, CANDY, …


The above colours are displayed printing technology, and may be different from the actual colours.