OASE TOP-CLEAN (Polycarbonate/anti-algae/ III+)

Oase has the colours

The polycarbonate anti-algae automatic swimming pool cover family continues to grow. The latest addition is from the 83 mm anti-algae polycarbonate profile but there is now the all new and hi-tech 66,7 mm TOP-UV anti-algae polycarbonate slat. It is the first swimming pool profile in tri-extrusion configuration.
An extra protection layer has been extruded on the pool cover profile to make the slats more resistant against UV and storm damage.
This new type of slat is very well-suited for mediterranean countries and is the best choice against hailstorms.

The 66,7 mm TOP-CLEAN anti algae safety polycarbonate profile is not just a desirable luxury but an absolute necessity!