OASE PC slats

What’s the difference between PVC and PC?

OASE PC/600/colour nr

60 mm x 14 mm

OASE PC/600/colour nr/34 (solar)

60 mm x 14 mm

OASE PC/830/colour nr

83 mm x 16 mm - With safety hinge!

PC Standard colours

  • GARDEN GREEN  (G002)
  • CRISTAL CLEAR  (00++)
  • VIVED AQUA  (00)
  • BLUE SKY  (B002)
  • BLUE LAGOON  (PC/600/BL003)

The colours are available with black bottom (solar). Other colours are available by request. (PURE BLACK (34), CRISTAL CLEAR – SUNGLOW bottom, CRISTAL CLEAR – CANDY bottom, CRISTAL CLEAR – ROCK GREY bottom, …)

Some examples of our realizations


PVC popular coloursPVC popular coloursPVC popular coloursPVC popular colours

VIVED AQUA is chosen because it best reflects and blends with the colour of the swimming pool water.

GARDEN GREEN is chosen because it complements the green surrounding environment. This is a popular choice for natural pools or ponds that are looking to maximise harmonious integration with nature.

VIVED AQUA (solar) is a popular choice to give the swimming pool, natural pool or pond a contrasting,  dark aspect.

CRISTAL CLEAR as its names suggest, is a completely translucent slat that is often chosen because they enhance rather than compete with the overall design effect of the swimming pool. In the evening, when the lights in the pool are on, they help enhance rather than conflict with the outstanding setting of the swimming pool.

The above colours are displayed printing technology, and may be different from the actual colours.