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Blue Sky (PC/600/B002)
Blue Lagoon (PC/600/BL003)
Vived Aqua (PC/600/00)

OASE TOP-CLEAN (Polycarbonate/anti-algae/ III+)

Oase has the colours

The polycarbonate anti-algae automatic swimming pool cover family continues to grow. The latest addition is from the 83 mm anti-algae polycarbonate profile but there is now the all new and hi-tech 66,7 mm TOP-UV anti-algae polycarbonate slat. It is the first swimming pool profile in tri-extrusion configuration.
An extra protection layer has been extruded on the pool cover profile to make the slats more resistant against UV and storm damage.
This new type of slat is very well-suited for mediterranean countries and is the best choice against hailstorms.

The 66,7 mm TOP-CLEAN anti algae safety polycarbonate profile is not just a desirable luxury but an absolute necessity!

OASE PRESTIGE for swimming pools with style (Polycarbonate / Silver Solar/ anti-algae/ TOP-UV is the limit…)

Oase has the coloursAs a pioneer in polycarbonate slats for more than 14  years, OASE continues to raise the automatic pool cover bar with its latest innovative slat.
We present you the prestigious POLYCARBONATE SILVER SOLAR.
A must-have slat that does not just look good but also offers outstanding performance.
These silver-coloured slats match very well with prestigious pools and imposing stainless steel pools.
The silver shade means you will never see condensation in the slats.

For the ultimate in automatic swimming pool cover perfection, OASE can offer you the ANTI ALGAE patented safety hinge and the TOP-UV (tri-extrusion).
Eliminate customer niggles! What more could you wish for!

The OASE PRESTIGE slat is available in 6 types.

  • PC/600 silver
  • PC/600 silver solar
  • PC/830 silver
  • PC/830 silver solar, anti-algae (patented hinge)
  • PCTR/630 silver, top-uv
  • PCTR/630 silver solar, top-uv, anti-algae (patented hinge)

Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information on this new product!

The NEW COLOURS of OASE create THE PERFECT HARMONY between your swimming pool or natural pond, garden and house!

Oase has the colours

With a range of colour palettes to choose from, each OASE automatic pool cover can harmoniously compliment its pool surrounding.

For example, as our picture shows, this customer was eager to use a green coloured slat to give the pool a more natural pond appearance when the cover is in place. The green colored polycarbonate slat, GARDEN GREEN,  is the ideal choice for natural pools or ponds. You get harmony with nature.

OASE automatic pool covers  came up trumps with this superb green coloured polycarbonate cover, which still provides solar gain via a black-underneath.
We set high standards for ever OASE pool cover and continue to respond to the needs of the customer. Not only the economical and safety aspect is important, but also the comfort and the design is nowadays worth considering.

OASE automatic pool covers colours your cover!

DisCOVER our colour range!


New! OASE DELUXE: the ANTI-ALGAE polycarbonate solar profile

 New! ANTI-ALGAE polycarbonate solar profile


OASE automatic pool covers , long-time manufacturer of slatted pool covers, has launched a new 83 mm wide polycarbonate slat with an anti-algae hinge.


This revolutionary anti-algae solar slat has a hinge which prevents the formation of algae within the hinge. The hinge is black on top so that no light can get onto the hook of the other profile.

With normal PVC or polycarbonate solar slats, algae can easily grow into the hinge of the profiles . This is due to the fact that the hinge is not protected from heat and light.
Many, many customers have made complaints about this in the past. With the new OASE DELUXE anti-algae slat, this shortcoming has now been eliminated.

By the way, because of its width (83mm) and four air chambers, this slatted OASE pool cover can also help to give the swimming pool an increased degree of safety.

OASE DELUXE anti-algae slats: Discover Me !!