New! OASE DELUXE: the ANTI-ALGAE polycarbonate solar profile

 New! ANTI-ALGAE polycarbonate solar profile


OASE automatic pool covers , long-time manufacturer of slatted pool covers, has launched a new 83 mm wide polycarbonate slat with an anti-algae hinge.


This revolutionary anti-algae solar slat has a hinge which prevents the formation of algae within the hinge. The hinge is black on top so that no light can get onto the hook of the other profile.

With normal PVC or polycarbonate solar slats, algae can easily grow into the hinge of the profiles . This is due to the fact that the hinge is not protected from heat and light.
Many, many customers have made complaints about this in the past. With the new OASE DELUXE anti-algae slat, this shortcoming has now been eliminated.

By the way, because of its width (83mm) and four air chambers, this slatted OASE pool cover can also help to give the swimming pool an increased degree of safety.

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