The Oase Advantage

Oase For Economy

  • Reduces heating-costs by 80 %
  • Drastically decreases evaporation
  • Cuts water and chemical consumption by 60%
  • Minimises costs of
    • air-conditioning and dehumidification
    • maintenance and cleaning costs, fewer leaves, branches, pollution…
    • filtration costs
  • Inhibits the growth of algae in the water
  • The large Oase anti-algae profile offers better positioning with increased solar gain

Oase For Safety

  • In combination with SS handrails or a specially constructed shelf below and a lock at the front, the Oase cover offers added safety value with more protection against drowning*
  • Electrocution is impossible: low voltage (24V)
  • The opening and closing mechanism is quiet and efficient and can only be worked when the special key is in the correct position
  • The large 83mm width profiles have an improved weight-bearing load
  • The special safety hinge offers increased buoyancy compared to the classic hinge

*Appropriate supervision is always advised.

Oase For Convenience

  • Automatic operation
  • Remote control
  • Self-cleaning
  • Eliminates chemical product odours
  • Works remotely with key or remote control
  •  A design that compliments and aesthetically blends with the pool and its environment
  • Improved pool hibernation restricting debris and reducing damage from high winds and storms.
  • Hush quiet operation works soundlessly
  • Maintains the water temperature, especially at night
  • Thanks to the use of solar profiles, pool water is  naturally heated
  • Extends the swimming season